Suggestion: email reminder when you are about to time out

I time out on my correspondence games a lot :frowning:

I am a terrible air-head and often don’t remember to check on my games for days at a time. It would be very helpful to me to have an email reminder when I’m down to a few hours left, so I can quickly make a move on my phone, or somewhere.

Getting that email that I’ve lost due to time is so irritating, I know its my own stupid fault, but if an email could have come a bit earlier warning me, then I could have jumped in to play any move whatsoever to avoid a timeout!

I feel this should be pretty easy to implement, it could even have an option to turn it off for people who don’t want extra emails.

What do you think?


You could make a uservoice request and add your votes there, and here: Favorite Feature Competition: Let's rank our requests

I think it’s there in settings, notifications, when I’m running out if time.

Well, the option is there, but it doesn’t work (at least it didn’t a couple of months ago). The request to fix it came up a couple of times here in the forums. Seems to be very hard to fix it.

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