Suggestion: Fewer emails

Hi, I recommend that emails be sent out only if I haven’t made a move in my game(s) since the last one. Thus, if I get an email, I don’t get any more until I start another game or make a move.

This should at least be an option.

i’m pretty sure there is an option, i remember cutting it down significantly…let me look…are you sure that notification preferences only affect desktop and not email?

yeah, i have ‘its your turn to move’ turned off, and it shows up on desktop but i don’t get any more emails about that.

The only issue here is that there will be no email ever on a waiting game.

Another possible option is to have a rate limit (only x emails in y days).

I should clarify. I mean like no more emails on when it’s my turn to move. Like, if I have 12 games to make moves in all of a sudden, I only get one email until I make moves, unless it’s about something else.

Of course, sometimes my email gets swallowed up in cyberspace, so another email when I’m about to time out would be nice, if they have that.

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