Suggestion for the system to accept challenges

I want to make a suggestion for the system to accept challenges.
When the player is new, with no minimum matches, there should be a signal that opens a box indicating how games ever made ​​and approximate ranking.
When the invitation for a player is open to all players challenge, a box opens for you to select before the player enters the board whether to accept or not.
I leave this suggestion because there are many beginners who place ranking of 20k or less and are 30k. It is very unpleasant to play comjogadores without knowledge, and worse, we have to treat them well and help, but it is not always what we want or do not have time.
That is my suggestion. I hope you consider it.
Thank you.

That does sound dreadful! :wink:

If you issue an open challenge, you get what you get. If your opponent’s rating does not match their ability, you do everyone (including them) a favor by beating them so that their rating gets adjusted appropriately.

In my mind, this is what it means to be part of a community. I’m sure it is frustrating to play a game that is much less challenging than expected, but these cases should be rare since (in my experience) very new players almost never set their rank manually. If you don’t have time to offer a review or playing tips, that is okay.


So this weekend we’re going through a big rating adjustment which should help the root cause of your issue, more details here: Rating correction and changes

As far as adding an explicit Accept screen, it’s come up before but in general we want to stay way from the rejection mindset that that implies, and instead focus on more positive ways to address the issue.


I have to disagree. How would you like it if you accepted an open challenge and your opponent then said, “No, you’re rubbish, I don’t want to waste time on you.”

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Buddies, my suggestion is not to avoid beginners, is to avoid surprises at times when I want to play and have fun quickly. More than once I had to help and explain what little I know of GO and its rules to a novice, and I did with satisfaction. You are taking an aspect of my considerations and highlighting when this observation is only one aspect. Greetings and thanks for the replies.