Suggestion: how to fix rank discrepancies in different time settings

I was reading the other thread about this issue. I don’t know if having separate ranks for different time settings is better than having a single rank. But assuming that won’t change, perhaps we should acknowledge that getting better in some time setting also makes you better in different time settings.

So what I suggest is that playing ranked games in a time setting affects ALL ranks. However, the other ranks are not affected so much (for example, if it would increase the rank by 100 ELO, it could increase only 20).

So, in other words, calculate the rank change, then apply some formula to it. One example would be to just multiply the rank change by a constant C (0 < C < 1). The best value for C I don’t really know, and it certainly requires study. Also, C is probably different for different players, but I guess there’s no easy way to dynamically calculate C for each person.

Whatever… any ideas?

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