Suggestion on the double-click submit mode

When using double-click submit mode with touch screen, click on wrong position is a problem, since there is no mouse over indicator.
Would it be possible to increase the time gap between 2 clicks, I just need to click once, see the stone, and click again to confirm. maybe 2 seconds is enough

right now single click mode causes too many miss clicks and undo requests. and submit button mode is just too slow and it’s also annoying that I need to constantly move my eyes away from the board to click another button.

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Submit button is much faster than the 2 seconds delay you propose for the double click confirmation.

The problem with double click and submit button is one do them automatically without thinking. The brain just combines the additional steps into one routine. The only method I can think of to check for miss-clicks would be to hide the stone after the first selection, then require a click on a button at a random location, and then click on the spot to play again. (The button click in between is required to a) force one to move the mouse/finger away from the selected spot and b) the random location to prevent the brain from learning a simple forth and back pattern.


Or grab your pant leg and don’t let go until you know what you want to play, like in Shion no Ou.


Maybe you could give the submit-move button a second try? I play atm exclusively on phone, and am very happy with this option, even for 10 sec blitz. It took a little time to adapt to it but isn’t slow at all anymore, and I don’t need either to look at the button - it is pretty much automated by now.

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I know submit button can be faster than 2 seconds.
but I think click on the stone again should always be faster than click on the submit button,
2 seconds is just a max time of delay, instead of the current maybe 500 ms default .

I’m using a 14inch windows hybrid tablet, so submit button really feels far away.
What I’m doing now is adding my own css rule with chrome extension , making submit button 300x100 px big, so I don’t need to look at the button to click it



this is the code I used for the submit button style
#game-submit-move {
position: absolute;
left: 0;
top: -18px;
width: calc(100% - 60px);
height: 80px;

use the above in any browser extension that can change styles, like the Stylish chrome extension

But I would still prefer double click if the gap between 2 clicks can be more than 500 ms

I’m confused by this thread. Is OP trying to make gameplay faster or slower?

double click mode should be faster than submit button mode.

but the current double click 500ms interval force me to click very quick on my touch screen, so it doesn’t provide any confirmation, I still miss clicked very often, just like single click.

increase the gap between 2 click will allow me to use the second click like the submit button, thus help me focus my eye on the board

I think of the submit button like the clock in an over-the-board game - you place your stone, then you move your hand to the side to hit the clock thus confirming your stone is correctly placed and your turn is over. So I always use the submit button, even in blitz, mainly to minimize misclicks. And I don’t mind that it’s below the board - makes it feel more like a real game as I have to move my mouse.