Suggestion: set move selection by game (ox9-19x19)

I mostly play on mobile, and due to screen size limitations (and my relative inexperience with the game), i play blitz 9x9. I recently discovered the ability to set different move confirmation options, which is a godsend in terms of preventing the embarrassment of multiple undo requests per game due to misplacements. It would be great if i could set different input confirmations for different board sizes, as click to submit is a bit of a hindrance when playing 9x9, but on mobile is a real benefit when trying to select the correct placement.

Have you confused board size with device? Or game speed?

It sounds like you want to have click to submit only on a mobile. It’s not clear what 9x9 has to do with it…

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Sorry if it was unclead. I feel intimidated by Gus Fring’s involvement here to be honest…

What i MEANT to say was that it would be great if i could set the move selection to either one-clicl to submit or click-to-confirm based on the board size (i.e. One-click for 9x9, click-to-confirm for 19x19). Currently my only option is to set the submission option based on game speed, rather than board size

Yeah, not the first time @smurph has been needlessly antagonistic while not contributing anything to actually benefit a conversation. You might want to work on that smurphy boy.

While this is technically true, since settings are saved in cookies, each device and/or browser can have unique game settings. As such, you could construct a setup such that 19x19 games are played in one mobile browser that has double click or submit setting and 9x9 is played in a different browser that is setup for single click submit.

Since custom board sizes are possible, I do not believe we will see a board size dependent setting for submit option in the near future. To me, it seems like too much of a headache. I hope you find my suggested workaround useful. :slight_smile:


Good point!

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Ah, hypocrisy.

Also, it’s one thing if you don’t laugh out loud but getting offended on someone else’s behalf (when they are in fact playing along) is a little silly, don’t you think?

OP: Thanks for the clarification. Since it sounds like a UI thing it should be feasible.

That makes sense, and I understand the difficulties involved. A fella can dream though… I’ll keep trying to find a more simple way of doing this, but thats looking like my best bet.

As for @smurph, that was my first taste of anything resembling toxic behaviour in the OGS community, normally a very welcoming and helpful bunch, which is frankly shocking considering it is an online gaming community. The comment wasn’t offensive, I don’t think anyone implied that, it simply wasn’t constructive. @BHydden’s point remains a valid one. After all, Go is a game about life and building, not death and destruction. :slight_smile:

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So “explain yourself” is toxic. I see. Good luck.


You’re just playing into the narrative of being needlessly antagonistic now.

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Friends, let’s please stick to the original topic :slight_smile:

We are many of different tastes and humour preferences here. Let’s try to be gracious in percieving possible offense and similarly careful in chosing jokes. Otherwise it will be hard to talk about anything :grinning:

I doubt there was any harm meant by either post, let’s have faith in our coleagues :slight_smile:

But yes, as was already stated above, while I see how it could be usefull for some, it might just fall into the “too many options” category, where the implementation and all the boxes might just be too much to be practical for most :confused: