Suggestion; "Talkative mood" icon

I’ve read in a couple of forums (reddit and life in 19x19) people complaining about how hard is finding people who want to analyze a game after it’s finished.
So maybe there’s something that can be done; something like an icon close to each player’s name that can be toggled during the game, showing whether the player feels like analyzing the game once it’s finished or not.
In any case, using this one or some similar idea, I guess that something could be done related to this “social issue”.


I like that idea, it’s always a shot in the dark when I ask for reviews.

However, what if a person with the icon doesn’t find a certain game interesting. Their not obliged to give favors. Wouldn’t that mean you’re still not guaranteed to find someone who’ll review?

Maybe talkative is a little too broad, perhaps something along the lines of “interested to review” or "teacher"
would be more fitting.

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