Suggestion to award trophies for win streaks in MacMahon tournaments

In thinking about how third place is calculated in another thread, it occurred to me that we could improve MacMahon tournaments by doing what usually happens IRL and awarding additional (secondary) prizes to those who “done well” but are outside the top three.

Usually an IRL tourney is 3 rounds and only those above the bar can actually win. However those who are below bar and win in all three rounds are typically awarded some small prize or are least get a special mention/certificate or something.

I realise that ogs MacMahon tourneys are a bit odd with high and low bars and stand starting values and simultaneous MacMahon etc etc so it might not be as straightforward as all that. But what I’m thinking is that in a MacMahon tourney there is some other kind of medal, different from the gold, silver and bronze trophies to indicate 3 wins (or whatever is relevant for the number of rounds played) in one tourney.


Slate and/or Shell trophies?

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playdoh trophy