Suggestions and ideas for new cycle

  • What went well?
  • What didn’t?
  • What can be improved?
  • New feature requests?
  • Questions/concerns about the design of TNL?

Nova League is fun.
Has taught me to appreciate live games more.
I am far more comfortable with the clock than once I was.

I want to bring it back to its original greatness … and beyond.

Here is what I see as a major problem that unknowingly has crept into the design:

1st I was proactive in scheduling Nova games.
Then noticed this only worked <25% of the time, usually people wouldn’t respond until late in the cycle.
So to save personal time, I decided to "let them come to me."
I am sure many other intelligent players chose the same course.
And so we find ourselves exactly where we are.

The problem is obvious.

The solution is not.

Suggestion: Perhaps we have the same split in the league, but the games are all on the same day, and it is run using the tournament system on ogs, so that the games are automatically queued up … if people have a trouble making that specific time [it could be 3am for them], they simply play in the other division … and if this is troublesome for week/weekend scheduling we could have the games on 2 separate days, one a weekday and one a weekend … one during the afternoon in americas and one in the early morning [late late night] hours.

No one has to worry about the massive headache of scheduling.
All players are there simultaneously … more spectators for the live events!

Just some thoughts, I would appreciate any feedback …



I’m not in the Nova league currently, but maybe, if an opponent doesn’t respond to you with a certain amount of time (say 3 business days), you can claim a forfeit. Then they have to schedule the game in a timely manner after you have contacted them.

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