Suggestions: Notes; Ranking; and a Bug

the uservoice seems to not work on my computer so i drop some suggestions here.

Notes: How bout the possibility to make notes in a correspondence game? Since it can take up to weeks until my next move this could be quite usefull.

Ranking: I think it would be good to have different rankings for the different board sizes. It’s a big difference if you are x kyu only on 9x9 or in general. Right now I can even play 5x5 ranked games o.O What does a 5x5 game say about my rank in general?

Last here is a Bug report:
If someone posts a variation during a game in the chat and you hover over it while it’s the opponents turn and the opponent makes his move while you watch the variation, then the color of the stone in my turn changed to the color of my opponent. However if i make my move the placed stone is again in my color and everything is normal. But in one case so far, procedure as above, the move of my opponent was not displayed and then i played the exact same move as my opponent and i got a ‘move processing error’. Reloading the page helped.

I hope that you find my suggestions useful and i could help with the bug. If you have questions, it can take a while until i’m online again.


I think that was suggested multiple times and is planned, however, you can use the malchovich log for now unless you can’t live with the fact that your opponent can cheat as it is visible to spectators.

No, you can’t.

With 4.2 ranks per speed type are coming, so we’ll have 4 ranks. Adding another dimension would make that either 7, 10, 13 or even more ranks depending on summary values. That might be a bit over the top.

Are you sure? (And can you provide an example game, please?) Last time I checked, you could only play 9x9, 13x13 and 19x19 ranked.

Also, thanks for your suggestion! As flowing already explained, a lot of these features are already planned. :blush:

Ah okay, I’m sorry, I just noticed that the ranked button could be activated and never tried to actually play a ranked 5x5 game : D

Never the less I think that at least 3 ranks for the 3 ranked board sizes would be cool… Like there are 3 Ladders for the different sizes.

However, I won’t be crying if this won’t be implemented, but I think that it would improve the significance of the rank.