Suggestions: review, tournament, forum, side-games

I have several ideas to improve our OGS. They do not need immediate attention but something nice to add on in future. I hope you consider some of these ideas :smiley:

For the review,

  1. I wish you can insert or delete specific stone from the branch section instead of erasing the whole branch and redo them. For example, sometimes I forgot to add stone for my life and death question
  2. I am aware you will fix this but I really want to have a score estimator for every analysis I change or make. It is annoying to count them all.

For the tournament,

  1. Instead of having round-robin, Swiss or McMahon- style tournament (although they are the standard tournament for board games like go and chess), we can have elimination and double-elimination tournament also. It adds a bit of excitement :sunny:
  2. Like Poker sites, we can also have SnG tournaments instead of administrator organizing the tourneys every time or month (this may require large population of player pool to work fluently)

For the forum,

  1. I wish it has an integrated interface instead of having to open separate tab (website)

For side-games,

  1. I read someone’s post but I really think it is a good idea. We can grab larger casual audiences this way. Go can be stressful and I like to have some nice break. For example, poker sites offer various poker variation such as omaha, Texas Hold’em, Horse, etc…

Rengo= team of two players facing another team
First Capture = first capture wins
One Color Go = both players use the same colour
Gomoku = first player to get 5 stones in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally
Riversi (Othello) = most colour of your stones win by changing colour of your opponent’s stone
(Some people talk about chess but I think this is a Go site fundamentally. It will not hurt to add another attraction but I think there are more things to focus on)

Thanks for your time. Glory to OGS foreveeerrrrrrrr!!!

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Also, it will be cool to add achievement system in our Go community (not only in forum).

For example, Winning Frenzy (win seven games straight), Rushing Bull (win in less than 60 moves), Close Call (Win by 0.5 point), etc

Also for the site-wide monthly tourney winners, I wish they get golden plate on their name to see during game for that month. It is like a bragging right and motivate people to join site-wide tourneys more often :smiley:

I dunno. Having too much “bling” might encourage people to just chase achievements. I could get the ‘winning frenzy’ bauble by beating up on RandomBot all day.

So you can delete individual stones by hitting the delete key… it deletes from wherever you have selected.

For tournaments as you may know we’re about to start working on a big tournament overhaul which will include a lot of new things including actual elimination style tournaments. Also automatically generated tournaments on more of a schedule… lots of stuff coming for tournaments.

The forums are probably going to stay as they are, we’ll try to integrate things a little bit but realize that this is a separate system and it’s that way for a reason… see the main forum topic for why:

Alternate games and game types are certainly something we’ll consider but we’ve got some other things we want to do first.

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We’ve considered achievements before and would still like to do it… there’s just a lot of complexity to it and it’s hard to get right.

As you know, we like to think things through pretty thoroughly.