Suggestions to improve the demo board features

Hello OGS team, love your site, but there are still a few improvements I would like to see:
I use frequently the demo board option with the members of our club so that we can have multiple people see the same board and collaborate together on its review and direction. Right now, only one person has the control of the board at a time (and I know that we can pass the control). However I would suggest a way that multiple people can has access to the board at the same time (and get published to all to see)… If sharing the placement of stones is not possible, at least make it possible for multiple people to mark the board (with numbers, letters, drawings, etc) at the same time and be visible to all. We would love to use this feature such that multiple people can, for example, mark on the board at the same time their opinion about the next best move to play. It would make the collaboration and review much faster.

The other suggestion is to have the ability to move branch variation in the tree; specifically to be able to push one branch up and make it the main branch. When we study multiple variations, usually one will become the main branch, but if many are studied, it becomes hard to find the main one. I know that it is possible to delete a branch, but i would like to keep all possible branches, but simply order them such that the most important ones can be moved to the top.



I wish it were possible to name or otherwise mark different branches. Or possible to color code specific variations so they stood out, making them easier to see at a glance. Any improvement with being able to mark and identify variations at a glance would be geuinely helpful.


After trying to use the demo board to study a go problem with someone I have to second that it’s difficult. Especially if they forget to check the variations that you share :slight_smile: