Suicide move is allowed

My point is that your initial statement seems to suggest that rules that allow suicidal moves greatly exacerbate the problem of time wasting. Hence, that seems to be an implicit argument against using NZ rules.

However, my counterpoint is not to say that time wasters are not a problem, but that they are still problem regardless of the rules being used. Even under Japanese rules, which I imagine are the vast majority of the time wasting cases that you see, a troll can drag out a game for a very long time. Not only can they play each and every single legal move (including filling their own territory, self-ataris, hopeless invasions, etc.) as slowly as possible, they could even drag out a game indefinitely, since players can resume a game after passing. Ultimately, whether or not a troll also has the option to self-capture seems to make little practical difference (one would wind up with a greatly extended game regardless). If someone is unlucky enough to face one in a game, it seems the only workable recourse is to get the moderation team involved. Hence, I don’t feel the concern about time wasters self-capturing to be a real drawback of NZ and other rules that allow self-capture.

Further, I think it’s important to distinguish between two types:

  1. Players that are unintentionally time wasting (e.g., some of these will be newer players that simply don’t quite understand what’s going on the game).
  2. Players that are intentionally time wasting (e.g., to be a troll or grief their opponent).

I’m assuming that in this discussion, we are primarily concerned with the latter group, since you phrased it as “time-wasters and trolls” that “would love to be able to play suicide moves”.


i have encountered the odd time waster but as i live with the tpks i always felt they were new. if i ever encountered one who seemed to be deliberate i would stick the game on a different browser window and click pass whilst watching dwyrin or something.

i have encountered what appears to be an increasing amount of players who accept a game then instantly cancel. one in particular (when i checked his/her profile) seemed to not want to play lower kyus as they were playing around 1game in 3 only against higher/equal.

i just blocked that one…