Sunjang Baduk Book Question 巡將

Dear Forum,

I have recently gotten into 巡將/巡將/순장바둑/順丈 바둑 sunjang baduk, or the old style of Korean go rules. I wanted to find the best records of the best players/games in book form for my go book collection, but could not find any mostly due to the fact that Hanja is no longer widely used.

I am particularly interested in the players as quoted on this website: “Famous strong Baduk players included Lee Deok-won who played with Li Rusong, the general of the reinforcing Chinese army, Yun Hong-yim, Yu Chang-hong, the artist Choi Buk, Sin Gyeong, Whang-O and others”. The only name I know is Li Rusong as he is Chinese 李如松. … m?menu=f11

My one other major lead is that there is this pro mentioned by the legendary John Fairbairn named 权庆彦 Kweon Kyeongun • Kwon Kyeongun who apparently wrote a comprehensive book which might include legendary game records of Sunjang Baduk. Does anyone know what it is called? On a chinese website the title is translated as 韩国围棋人物史.

Can any Korean forum members help me track down a copy of some book related to the game and its players? I think it would be awesome for the community to put alongside Dosaku, Longshi etc.

Thank you so much!
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This game seems to be the oldest known game.

The linked page suggests the book is called “Traditional Korean Go - Sunjang Go”.