Sunjang Baduk

Does anyone think there might be benefits to playing sunjang baduk?

I think it might be worth forking some demo board to try it for fun. I think it can lead to good reading practice and learning how to fight. I would like to try it sometime as well if anyone wants to with me and play free correspondence let me know.


I found an old 2015 thread about a sunjang baduk tournament, and this… from @Leira


Oh, dear. That old horrible shield. It could use some reworking, preferably from scratch :sweat_smile:

Anyway, the takeaways:

  1. The fork game tool is good for friendly matches.
  2. There are two ways to make SB tournaments: by hand and using the built-in tournament system. Both are logistic nightmares.
  3. All of that could be solved if there was a possibility to set initial positions for whole tournaments as it is for friendly games. However there does not seem to be much support for that feature.
  4. I’d like to see the old League System reimplemented. In fact that is one of 3 formats that I’d love to see a comeback: League System, Simultaneous Elimination and Double Round-Robin.

I think it looks pretty good I was an artist myself for a while.

What is sunjang baduk? I read the link

As far as the shield goes anyone who incorporates the old-school taeguk gets points in my book :slight_smile:

Edit: oh wait I didn’t realize @Leira made it originally. Wasn’t trying to pile on to a self-critique haha.



Thanks for reminding me of that word.


Unfortunately I don’t have time the moment, buuuuut…

The BadukClub beta site can create matches for players on OGS with the sunjang baduk starting position. It could also pair the players and record the results and pair the next round. All the playing would happen on OGS, but BC would help organize the players based on what the TD set.

It wouldn’t be as slick as built in OGS feature of course, but if people would be interested I could add it to the development todo-list.


The pepsi logo?

edit: nvm close in colors but not it.


Since no one else linked it: OGS Group: Sunjang Baduk

@Leira is this group still active?


I don’t think it is. But I can’t speak for what they might be doing while I’ve been gone.

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Ah well. Anyway looks like plenty of great info on how to start a Sunjang game!

Found this whilst grazing the Go videos thread:

Sunjang baduk discussion on L19, 2018

In which I found this SGF:

Lee Changho (B) vs Cho Namchul sunjang baduk game.sgf (1.6 KB)

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Where can I play games with SunJang scoring?

According to this SL page, Karigane was a strong sunjang player.

[Paek Nam-kyu, top Korean player of the early 20th century] played Karigane Jun’ichi in 1899, where he fell to a four stone handicap under Japanese rules and a two stone handicap while playing sunjang baduk

Karigane was pretty young at that point, about twenty. Park, though, was only around fifteen.

Park apparently died in 1970, born too early to take advantage of the Japanese outreach given to players like Cho Chikun (b. '56), Cho Hunhyun (b. '53), Kim In (b. '43) or even Cho Namcheol (b. '23).

The OGS Sunjang Baduk Tournament has an SL page series.

Three editions were held: 2011, -12, and -13 / -14.

There were plans for a fourth edition in 2015, but these were apparently unsuccessful.

(Copied from my KataGo thread)

I asked high-playout KataGo to play two games from the sunjang starting position (but with NZ rules and 7 komi). Black won the first game, the second (bottom variation in the same file) was a draw. Kata really likes the 6-2 point in these games. She played it once in the first game, twice in the second.