Supporting Online Go Server OGS options, recommendations?

New to OGS, but it’s amazing. I’m learning so much here. Great competitors, too.

I wanted to sign up to help the website. Love that the ads will go away for supporters…great! Unfortunately, it seems the only way to support the website is with monthly perpetuating payments; that is, every month, there is a user-selected charge amount to a credit card, or Paypal, I think. I will not use regular monthly deductions from any of my accounts (please don’t get into the “why nots”, too time consuming and off topic–thanks).

So, a question and a recommendation. Is there a way to support this website with a one-time payment (other than contacting the mods/owners each time) that will still allow the advertising to go bye-bye? Did I miss something in the support page?

One suggestion that I have, followed by two other non-Go forums that I belong to, is to have yearly memberships. $35 gets a person a logo t-shirt, bumperstickers (both good advertising) and ad-free service for a year. I think this would be great for OGS and us.

Does anyone else have suggestions beyond what is currently available to support this website? Thanks.


This topic keeps coming up; there are at least five other threads on it, which should probably be combined. I like your idea of a logo t-shirt.

Thanks, Conrad. Appreciate your insights. Sounds like the topic of not having perpetuating charges yet wanting to support OGS is a common one; hope they come upon a fix.

Because it’s a revolving server, with 1800 new players each week, my post won’t be the last. :slight_smile: Combining them would help, but only slightly. (Is there a topic that hasn’t been discussed on here…lol?)

I’d wear a logoed t-shirt proudly, even to local events and US Go Congress. Sounds like you might, too, which is cool.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say “I wish I had a live person locally to play against.”

Another idea for OGS: For those that sign up as an annual member, they can enter a special member’s only page (similar to the site supporters chat channel) specifically with a Google-type map and pinned locations of other supporting members. They could find players when they travel, and they could find local players at home. Participation would be voluntary, and no more information is given out than what a member wishes to divulge. Best is that a person would play the member on OGS first, get to know their style, personality, etc., and then decide if they want to invite them to play in person. Hmm. What a member perk that would be!

A map like this:

Teachers could use it to simply state that people can contact them for paid instructions, pair go couples could promote that they’d like to play other pair go couples, local active clubs could “pin” their location and meeting times, etc. Wow, OGS would be “ground zero” for meeting others to play live Go. Special “pins” could be purchased by Go schools, instructors, leagues, tournaments, etc. from OGS, like a paid ad, that link to the website for more information. OGS might have the map only for annual members, or consider having the map be free to all (maybe to players who have played a certain number of games), with other related map perks to members. The world is the oyster!

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