Surround — iOS client for OGS

I plan to release my app to the App Store soon (after 1 more beta), so probably it will be simpler that I make another announcement thread when it happens?

Glad to know that you like it. I will probably not have time for the macOS app though, so I am planning to make my app open source after the App Store release and let the community figure out the macOS side.


IF it has FULL OGS functionality I’d be interested—I think I’d like to have OGS playing independent of all my other browsing.

“Surround - iOS client for OGS” would be my choice. For the sub-forum, I think either “Announcements” (same place with OGS-Notify) or “Go Resources” (same place with The Conquest of Go and Katrain) would be good option.

Currently I only plan for Start new games, Analyze Mode/Conditional Move, and Puzzles. What other features need to be implemented before you would consider it “Full OGS functionalily”? Literally replicating all features to the app would take years :sweat_smile:

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Currently I only plan for Start new games, Analyze Mode/Conditional Move, and Puzzles.

I believe that’s perfectly enough!

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Puzzles I personally wouldn’t need as I do them with Tsumego Pro on the iPhone.
And the others are nice already for a beginning :slight_smile:

Heh, yeah, I imagine. But hey, updates :wink: and make it a reasonable price for the update, like, say, 3–5 € every time you add something?
If App Store (which will mean some trouble also) then make the updates something that could be purchased in-app as a “power-up” or something?

I’m quite sure a total price of ~15–20 € would be appropriate for such an app, but yeah, I guess it would probably mean a full-time job with no sure income, so… maybe spend the time on something more worthwile.

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Now we have an extra section for #3rd-party-apps, thanks @anoek!

The other threads that folks might want to watch (even if it is not “your” OS, especially developers):

@MrAlex’s OGS client app for Android:

The thread where this all began:

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Awesome! (And much needed) now the Android thread is under 600 again :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

I have just published another beta version. This version allows starting new games from the app (finally… :sweat_smile:). You can download it using the same link as before:

Some screenshots of the new feature:

I have been reading several posts on the forum about this feature recently (for example); so when working on the design of this feature, I tried to solve some of the issues raised. You can see in the screenshots that:

  • It is deliberately very wordy, in order to make it clear what is going on.
  • At the bottom of the quick match screen, there is a list of custom games matching the quick match settings.
  • In the custom game screen, it is possible to send a challenge directly to another user.
  • Custom game options are grouped into several small parts, with “advanced” options separated into another screen.

This is a bit different from how it works on the website, but similar enough to not confuse people who use both the website and the app; and I think it is clearer for new users. However, that is just my personal take on it; so let me know what you think :slightly_smiling_face:.


I’ve just downloaded TestFlight and this beta release on my iPhone 12. Really excited to try it out - I’ve been wanting a OGS client on iOS for ages and yours seems very polished. Great work!


Somehow my laptop decided to stop working while I was preparing the app for 1.0 release :pensive:. I guess I will be unproductive for a while…

Hi, can I make a suggestion? I would be great that when you are about to play a move you need to click the place where you want to play your stone and then click a button to accept it, I am suggesting this with the intention to minimize misclicks (since we are playing on a touchscreen).


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Nvm is already like that :slight_smile:


Oh :slightly_frowning_face: Good luck for getting a new one. Those M1 beasts are allegedly awesome, but I for one will wait for the next prod. series, when they have a little more experience, when they (hopefully) have ironed out the bugs in Bug Sur. I’m even skipping Kakalina.

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Hey I just tried the beta it seems to work pretty well. Just 2 observations. First it doesn’t make a sound when you place a stone it would be nice to have that feature, second I couldn’t find the analyze mode.

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Hi, thanks for the feedbacks :slightly_smiling_face:. I have not gotten to implementing those features yet.

The sound is just a matter of finding a good sound file I can use so I might just sneak it in some time soon.

Analyze mode is a different story though, it’s high priority but might take a while (probably several months), because I want a design different from the one on OGS website, and it’s quite complicated to make.

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The contrary, thanks to you for doing the app. Maybe just add to see previous moves for now.

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Any idea when you will release the first App store version?

Probably next week, if everything goes well :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to it. If you plan to monetize - please offer a version people can purchase outright and avoid Adverts. I find those very distracting when playing


Any plans to offering simple forward/back navigation on the moves on a game? It would make the app much more useful for correspondence games.

(Another possibility would be labeling the last 5 or so moves with the move numbers)