Survey on AI in Go Education


We would like to conduct a survey to collect Go teachers’ valuable opinions about the role and efficiency of AI programs in Go education.

○ Researchers: Oh Chimin (Master’s degrees in International Studies, Seoul National University), Daniela Trinks (Associate Professor at Dep. of Go Studies, Myongji University)

○ Survey period: 2022. 9. 23 (Fri) ~ 9. 30 (Fri)

○ Survey participation link: Microsoft Forms

It is expected that you can complete this survey in approximately 10-15 minutes.We’d really appreciate your participation in the survey. Please also share the survey link with colleagues and friends who teach Go.

If you have any questions regarding the survey or would like to receive the final research report, please contact Oh Chimin ( or Daniela Trinks (
Thank you very much.


Sounds interesting.
Is there some hypothesis already that the survey wish to confirm or not?
I would gladly read more on this study.


Yes, there are. As the survey is not closed yet, I prefer not to talk about our research hypothesis as it might have an impact on the outcome. Please feel free to drop an email, and I will send you the final research report. Thank you for your interest!

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For Go teachers who didn’t respond yet, the survey is extended until tomorrow (October 2nd). Please voice your opinion on why or why not you use AI in your Go education. Thank you!

I ll pm you