Swiss Tournament Byes

I know there’s a topic about this but I couldn’t find it
In this swiss tournament, a 23 kyu got 3rd place even though he won no games. He got three byes. How do swiss byes work? I think its really unfair to the 10 kyu who got 2 points, and everybody below him.


All you ever wanted to know about Swiss tournaments, but were afraid to ask :wink:

I don’t think anyone knows how OGS Swiss works and if they do, they ain’t telling.

I have an idea though. Perhaps OGS is trying to pair everyone in a specific way. First, players with similar scores should play each other, but second (pairing strength) players with similar ranks should play each other. And perhaps 23k is so far away in terms of rating, they’re always odd one out.


Here’s a test tournament. In this one Student_11k happens to have much lower rating than everyone else and they got 3 byes.

In conclusion if one of the players “doesn’t fit” in the pairing they’re gonna get a bye. In certain arrangements this player is likely to not fit in multiple rounds thus getting multiple byes.


I already had similar issues and posted them here a few times and I think it is like S_Alexander explained.

A better implementation should avoid the repetition of byes (or at least have an tournament option for that, if this violates some Swiss rule…). It is very unpleasant to get bye many times in a row.