Switching between the forums and the games

Ah, the curse of old age. Another interface to learn to love.

Just teasing you, guys, you’re doing a good job trying to bring the users what they want - I know from experience it can be hard work…

So may I politely make one suggestion?

. I was a bit confused but then discovered that you can link back from the forums to the OGS games page (which is surely where we all spend our time) via the drop down topics menu, but perhaps you might consider adding a big, in-your-face click-here link on any of the forum pages to take you back from forums to games?


Yes, perhaps just two divisions on the upper left:

[PLAY on :yin_yang:GS] [DISCUSS on :yin_yang:GS] or something

Yeah I tried to make this happen a few weeks ago but ran into some problems making it happen… it’s come up on the discourse discussion forums though, i think we’re supposed to get proper support for that in the not too distant future, at which point we’ll add it in :slight_smile:

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