SWT tournaments

Hello! I have decided to create some new tournaments. For all those who want to play in more big tournaments (for all sizes of board) but cannot find such. For every size of board I have created few, with different rank limits, so EVERYONE can find himself in at least one of them. Unfortunately, I have noticed that not all sizes of board are equally played: most players prefer 19x19, not so many players prefer 13x13 and 9x9. So I guess most players will participate in 19x19 tournaments, and very few in 13x13 and 9x9 so making equal number of tournaments is not good idea (please, tell me if I am wrong).

I make 3 main tournament types: Simultaneous McMahon, Traditional McMahon and Round Robin. McMahon tournaments will not have bars. Tournaments where I expect less (then 11) players will be RR (Round Robin): 19x19 Dan, 9x9 4k-7d, 9x9 16-5k and 13x13 SDK and Dan tournaments. TM (Traditional McMahon) are tournaments with more then 10, less then 20 participants. SM (Simultaneous McMahon) are tournaments with more or equal to 20 participants.
Therefore, this is the list of tournaments.

On 19x19 - 4 tournaments:
for 30-20k, SM;
for 20k-10k, SM;
for 9k-1k, SM;
for 1d-7d+, RR.

On 9x9 - 3 tournaments:
for 30k-17k, SM;
for 16k-5k, RR;
for 4k-7d+, RR.

On 13x13 - 2 tournaments:
for 30k-10k, SM;
for 9k-7d+, RR;

Of course, changes are possible for next cycle. If I see that there are to few participants in some category, next time I will set it RR (if it was TM, or TM if it was SM). Some categories can be merged for that reason also. If you would like to participate (in some RR) but there are already 10 players, please send me PM. if I get 4 or more PMs for one category, in next cycle that tournament will be MM. SM tournaments have 3 rounds for 19x19 and 13x13 and 4 rounds for 9x9. Timing: Fisher, starting time 3 days, with 1 day per move increments, up to 5 days. General: All tournaments are with Japanese rules, no provisional players, analysis enabled and no handicap. They are called SWT - site wide tournaments. Also, I will make one more tournament for each size of board, SM type, open class: 30k-7d+, called SWO (site wide open (class)). SWT tournaments will be created every 2 months, and SWO every 6 months. All tournaments start 2 months after being created (I start some round and make tournaments for next round in same time). I wish you all enjoy playing in these tournaments! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions or suggestions, post it on this topic.

2rd cycle started with a bug, but it will be fixed for next round. In this round there is one special tournament, 19x19 for all ranks, McMahon type. Bars are set on 16 and 5 kyu. Those numbers are not picked randomly. My idea was to make something that looks like old League tournament, idea is that few strongest players fight for trophies.

3rd Cycle of SWT open!


Super! :thumbsup:

Hello! Sorry about the delay, but new round of SWT tournaments is open! :smiley:
They all start on December 1st.
We have 13 new tournaments:
5 19x19: DDK, SDK and Dan, Handicap, Open class;
4 13x13: DDK, SDK & Dan, Handicap, Open class;
4 9x9: DDK, SDK & Dan, Handicap, Open Class.
All tournaments can be found on Main tournament page.


thanks for organizing these tourneys :slight_smile: … i joined some long tourneys few days ago but these seems wont start in ages… if u organize tourney like title tournaments and handicap tourneys with large number of participants that would be really interesting

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Well, I hope that we will have more participants soon… So far, I am very happy to see that a lot of people is participating. :smiley: There is a lot of options, so everyone can enjoy (I hope). :wink:
Current open tournaments start in 3 weeks!

9x9 Handicap, 13x13 Handicap and 9x9 SDK and Dan tournaments already have the maximum number of players, so they started! Have fun! :smiley: