Symmetrical openings

Post your symmetrical openings for aesthetic enjoyment.

(tainted by the lower right, I know ^^)

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Just played this.

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Apologies for necro-bumping my own thread, but I just played this against KataGo:


How do I post so nice pictures? There’s a player I already met for the third time and they play heavily symmetrical, always start with tengen as black and always play 5-5 to approach the 4-4.

  1. Printscreen
  2. Paste into Paint.Net (despite the name this is actually a local program)
  3. Crop
  4. You can actually paste straight from clipboard to the forum
  5. If it’s too big, the foeum software can reduce it to 50% or 75%
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Black wins by resignation.

When I showed this game to the old Japanase 4d guy in my club, he laughed and said: “White prayer does not know anything about Go.”


@Sanonius hahaa i know who’s the white player! Indeed his style is both interesting and confusing ^___^

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I like how he prioritises symmetry over balance of territory and influence.

A game I discussed in "Takemiya's opening" -- a history of the double-kosumi sanrensei

Rui Naiwei – Pen Jinghua '96

From my (white) second game of 2017 British Go championship title match Vs Daniel Hu.

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Do you know where British Championship title match kifu can be found?

Are they only in the BGJ or do they have their own page somewhere?

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Sixteen year old Song Taekon used this opening to defeat Cho Hunyun and win the Cheonwon in 2003.

A wonderfully clean idea, don’t you think?