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Hello there,

I just started with go and i practice on:

When i replay a game it tells me when i made a misstake; it puts a a red cross through the move i made and a green circle where i should have put my stone; see image:

I dont understand why my move was wrong and why is should have played my stone at the green circle. What so you guys think?

Thanks fr your trouble.

Hey Freakwave, welcome to OGS! :slight_smile:

I can only help you from a 8k perspective, but that will likely help already.

While your stone that is marked with the red X isn’t bad per se, it develops your position on the board too slowly. See it like this: Your single black stone in the lower right corner at the 3-3 point secures the corner. Extending your stone by one doesn’t make as much points as you could have made by taking a bigger space.

The suggested green circle is a bit better here, because it secures the upper right corner plus threatens to invade safely into the lower right corner and the upper left.

I hope this small graphic that I made will make this concept clearer to you: Notice how the green area has more potential.


The problem with the move is related to the concept of “broken shapes”. There are very good explanations on Sensei’s Library: see http://senseis.xmp.net/?LameDuGo and http://senseis.xmp.net/?ElephantsEye

Here’s a small demo board I made : http://online-go.com/demo/31991


Hi Franzisa,

what a quick and well illustrated reply: thank you very much!
The idea behind the red crossed stone was to stop white isolating the lonely black stone in the left bottom corner. That green has more potential i can see now, but…that would go for many other (empty) places on the board…or meaby not I was afraid of losing left bottom stone

None the less, i see your point, and your answer has clearafied a lot!!!


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Hi Vincent,

Ecelent quick response aswell; awesomme!

Love your demo. Is that a angry , frustrated face you’ve drawn there ( at the 2nd move)?

i’m gonne read up on the seisnet links youve posted.


Oh , i see now; “the circle black stone is crying”, lol

Yeah, my drawing didn’t really come out as expected… :smile:
Broken shapes are a very important concept; if you can consistently spot these and avoid them, you can progress quite quickly! The opposite is also true, if you have an opportunity to break your opponent’s shape, it’s usually a good idea to do so.

I haven’t used cosumi but for me it feels like the move marked with the red X is the best move on the board.
Others might have different opinions but that is just my “feeling” of the situation.


Well, thank you Pempu :smiley: