Tactically challenged

Often when reading books I find when given two options. I Usually pick the wrong one. And it frustrates me. Is it just that I haven’t gotten on or should I burn all clever go players for being witches?

There are usually some fundamental principles involved, if you have not learnt them yet then it obviously will not be easy.

Otake Hideos book opening theory made easy, would be a good place to start.

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think of it this way, back in the old days, some josekis that were standard are now not played anymore
because they are “bad” now

why? because they’ve found better move/replies

so the so called two options that were given to you might could’ve been “bad” nowadays
just coz the standard changes everyday as the AI gets stronger and stronger
now AI plays = standard = better than human options

so maybe the book hasn’t been updated yet so it could be “wrong”
so stop thinking you’re wrong when you could’ve been right or they were both wrong to begin with

unless it’s the opening, otherwise don’t look at the answers(for tsumegos/tesuji, you read until you are sure you’re correct instead of checking the answers to see if you’re correct)
as for the opening, those answers only give you an insight of what the pros think (outdated knowledge)
take it for what it’s worth, not going all nutso about being wrong on the answers
you learn from your mistakes
if you weren’t wrong a single time, you might as well be a pro yourself, so which means you were probably too good to being reading the book
and if you are reading the book, it means you need to learn from them

if we all look at the game like you do, then many of us are probably mentally challenged because we lose games left and right…you lose you win some, that’s life

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