Tag people in Chat

It would be good to have possibility to tag anybody in chat.
And then, tagged person will receive notification that he/she tagged.

Using the exact username will highlight that line of text for the user and if they have browser notifications enabled they will get a notification.


thank you! will try

It’s worth noting that tab-completion exists for this. if you were the only one in chat whose name started with old, for instance, I could type ‘old’ and press tab, and it would auto-complete the rest.


i tried to tag person in chat without any success
what do i wrong?

Maybe tell us what you did, and we can see if we can find where you went wrong?

As you advised I wrote user name in our group chat but he didn’t receive any notification that he was tagged.

They don’t get notifications - that message just appears in red to them in the chat. If they weren’t looking at chat they won’t see it.

One caveat of note, if you put characters after the name (e.g. “pbgarden:” instead of “pbgarden”) it will also break this functionality.

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Ok, i see
my initial point was to notify user that is not looking at chat…

Nope, not how chat works. For that, just message them directly. =]

You can allow notifications on browsers that support them. I get a notification from chrome whenever my username is mentioned in a channel.

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Only if you are online and you have the chat open in some tab, you don’t get if you are not in the chatroom at that time

Also hilights won’t work if you have some weird unicode crap on your username.

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