Teaching and kibitz? (7kyu)

Hi there,

I’m looking to learn some things. And often the best way to do that is to play stronger players and talk about the game, and then review.

Correspondence works best for me. But I am also able to play live if we can find a mutual time that works best for us both.

Also… I’m more than happy to help people with a lower than 7kyu rank, play teaching games, and offer reviews and kibitz too.

Thanks, guys.

Send me a challenge, if you like.

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Challenge has been sent. And thank you in advance for having this game with me. I look forward to learning.

Hi, if it is OK I would love a teaching game.

I hope it is OK if I send you a request?

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Already accepted the game request my friend. I look forward to playing a game with you and passing on what I can.