Hi my name is Paige. I am an AGA 5dan or Fox 8dan. I have been playing go off and on for almost 17 years now and am looking to pass on my knowledge as a player.

I am looking for only dedicated students who want to learn in class style lessons. I accept students for these classes between 10kyu to 3dan.

Class price - 100$/month. Classes are every Wednesday at 8PM EST. This package includes the ability to ask for game reviews or general position/go related questions when I am available.

I do enjoy teaching players 11kyu-beginners and don’t want to block anyone from joining but classes won’t be beneficial for these levels if there is no basic level understanding of the game. If you are between that level you can contact me for basic lessons to help you achieve sdk for 30$ at a max of 5 lessons you must understand the rules and how to advance to 10kyu/SDK. After that you may join the class if you would like if having reached the appropriate level. (I know this sounds like a lot to ask of you but you should have these expectations for yourself and generally it should not take longer then 2 months to get to SDK.)

I am only looking for people who want to seriously improve. It is okay to miss a class as I plan to record the classes but attendance and participation is highly expected. How much you improve will mirror your participation and effort to understand material presented to you.

The first class starts February 8th at 8PM EST on KGS. You can find my contacts below if you are interested or have questions.



Discord: PaigeEdict#9536

KGS: Paige

OGS: Paige