Teaching for Games!

Okay so I made a vow long ttime ago that I would teach for free if I reached 1d.

I reached 1d and I’ve taught lots of people over the years… but there’s a game I’d like to play and I’m broke af so here goes.

I’m offering teaching games until the end of August for anyone who’d be willing to gift me (on steam)

  • Shenzen I/O
  • TIS-100
  • Exapunks
  • Tabletop simulator
  • Natural Selection 2

Probably about 1-2 lessons worth per game I guess. If anyone’s interested, let me know! :slight_smile:

  • Must have Discord… since I’m not gonna type all day… and I can’t do skype because Linux.

A warm Congratulations from me on your milestone achievement! :star_struck:

I used to say that once I reach 1d, I’d consider Go “played through and beaten” so that I can move on to other pursuits, like finishing my degree :sweat_smile:

Anyway, we all stand on the shoulders of giants. It gives me joy to return the favor, and I get the impression that you feel the same way. I’m sure you’ll have all those games in no time :wink: