Teaching game against weaker players for youtube content

I run a youtube channel where I generally play on fox(5k-6d) and review the games for content. I have played on OGS but I would like to do so more. I am looking for unranked games against opponents generally in the 12k-7k region on OGS to play even games with analysis off in live(will review after the game) for content. Anyone interested? Time limit will be 10m + 5x Byo yomi 30 secs


I’d be ok to give it a try (8k). :slight_smile:

When would that be?

we can try to set up a time. I usuasally play later at night in central USA time. I will try to set up a custom game later on today. On weekend I don’t really have a set time to play.

Alright. I’m on European CET time so “later on today” might quickly become too late (it’s currently 8:30pm).

Tomorrow might be easier to agree on a time, but no worries of course if you feel it’s too much hassle to arrange.

You can PM me anytime when you see me online. I may not always be there but I will respond if I’m online.


against what?

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Oh, if you mean my rank, right now its 1d. I’m about 5-6d on fox.

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Well, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I might as well just tellyou.

You only play “against” someone when it’s competitive, otherwise you play “with” them.

Teaching games aren’t competitive.

Might just be an intricate Freudian slip, of course.