Teaching game please

Hello, I’m looking for somebody who could have a teaching game so I could improve my playing. I’m usually online during Saturday and Sunday from 1pm Central Time (Chicago time zone). Any help is really appreciated :slight_smile:

In such cases I’d recommend telling your potential teacher(s) your current rank and give a link to your profile so that they can estimate your current playing level and needn’t have to do the extra work of 1) going “there” and 2) looking for your profile :wink:

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice. I was typing that post in between my classes. My rank is 19k and here is a link to my profile: https://online-go.com/user/view/202270 . I haven’t really played any one whoset ranks are much higher than me because either I’m not allowed since rank restriction or I’m online at such a bad time

Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to sound as if I were scolding you :slight_smile:


oh no, you’re fine. i dont consider it as scolding :smiley:; besides, it’s good that i have reminders here and there. School just started and my brain is fried already :smiley:

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