Teaching game request 11-12k

Hello all,
I seem to have come across a wall in progress these past few months. So, I thought I would benefit from a teaching game.
I am looking for:
Live or Correspondence(doesn’t matter to me).
KGS or OGS(I don’t know why you would do KGS if you are on this forum, but again it doesn’t matter to me).
Discussion using OGS chat and not voice chat(I don’t have a good microphone or headphones).
Preferably 5-1k, but if you are 6-7k with teaching experience(at least one teaching game done before) that would be fine too(maybe even better).
Time if we are doing a live teaching game: We can work it out.
I don’t really know what I need to work on, which is why I am requesting a teaching game. So let me know what areas I need to improve in.
Thanks in advance!

We can have a game if you want I’ll give you some tips to the best of my ability. Live preferably since going through variations and my thought process in correspondence can be awkward to manage.

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Thank you, what time would you prefer?
I would like to do it sometime this weekend, because then we can have more time, but I am flexible.

well I’ll add you on ogs and we’ll figure it out from there?