Teaching Game - Very small amount of experience

Hello! I’m a casual player who’s played at a Go Salon for roughly three months now since starting the game in earnest. My Sensei says that in that time, I’ve grown from a complete beginner to about a 15 kyu, but I’ve truthfully never taken a real test before or played anyone outside of the salon, so I’m not sure if that ranking is accurate or not.

I’m not necessarily looking for a teacher in earnest just now, but at the very least, can someone please play a round with me and help me figure out where exactly I stand? I figured I can’t properly play real matches unless I know where I should be playing.

Currently, I’m in Japan, on JST, but in just a few weeks, I’ll be moving out to the United States East Coast, and switch to EST.

Hi and welcome! :slight_smile:

Don’t be scared about playing “real matches”. You already have 7 ranked games and I see you’re playing more right now.
The OGS rating system is quite controversial specificly about new player’s rank, but the more you play, the more accurate your rank should become.

Have fun! :slight_smile:


Yea the way OGS works now is you get put at 12.5k and have to lose your way to your proper rank if you are new. But it should only take a few games. Are you aware there is a chat in the client? (some people aren’t aware, I wish it was the main page) It is possible to find teaching games there sometimes, or other help. If I had seen you in there I would have give you this for instance.

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I’ll play you anytime. Just send me a message or a challange