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I’m really new to the game. I could barely beat the bot on a 13x13. I just need some general advice on how to attack on a 19x19 and how to develop a board.

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Welcome to OGS.
Hope you enjoy your stay.

You can also check out @tonybe’s 19x19 FOR BEGINNERS SERIES.
You will learn a lot.

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Thank you for the long read.

Which bot? I had the same experience a few weeks ago with dodge_bot_3.

Fact is it’s difficult to program a (interesting) weak bot


Amybot (32k)

Thanks for the compliment! I’m always glad to hear that those articles can be a useful resource for beginners

@scatteredhelix - if you are going to start reading those 19x19 for Beginners articles, I would recommend starting at the beginning and working your way through them:

Introduction: Making sense of Go

Part 1: Sente and Gote

Part 2: Settling your Stones

Part 3: Playing a Balanced Opening

Part 4: Joseki Basics

Once you’ve read through those, then Part 5 will hopefully make more sense:

Part 5: Stages of the Game

FWIW - I’ve been working on the next article (Part 6: Shape) for WAYYY to long, and I need to just hunker down, edit it to something readable, and post it…

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I took a look at some of your games. My advice regarding attacking is: Don’t attack to kill stones, attack to build territory.

That’s a really good question, maybe this video can help you with the development in the early opening:

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