Teaching Games Collection

Teaching is hard to do well. If you have given or received a teaching game that would be useful for others to look at, share it here. Ideally ones with good comments and minimal off-topic banter.

Please include the level of the student in your post.

My hope is that others may benefit from past teaching games and the efforts of teachers be better utilised.

I usually feel too incompetent and uncomfortable to offer teaching games but I think I did okay with this one that caught me in the right mood:

Student, 22kyu


Great idea for a thread! It would be awesome to have reviews accessible in a better way than from the reviewers profile page… maybe a catalogue sorted by playing strenght (probably a dream)… anyway… i hope we can have a small collection here ^^.
Ive been lucky to receive many great reviews from kind teachers so far, without whom id never have achieved progress in the fashion i have. reviews dont simply provide answers and food for thought, but to me they are an opportunity to share a passion, which is absolutely necessary to keep enjoying the game and stay motivated! so thanks to all the reviewers out there who enjoy teaching and discussing games :hugs:.
unfortunately most of the reviews i recieved happened in voice chat or irl ^^ … so reluctantly ill add a couple i made myself. be forgiving, i only meant well xD.

student: Igo Weiqi (21k), opponent and reviewer: me (3k)

student: pichutarius (18k), opponent and reviewer: me (2k)

reviewee: Neki (11k), reviewer: me (4k)

student: chobo swaggins (10k), opponent and reviewer: me (3k)

student: 15k, opponent: me (3k) --> game including extensive malkovich commenting + review by S_Alexander (1k) using Leela

i found the link you provided doesnt lead to a review, but to an original game with no review attached.


One of us has misunderstood the difference between a ‘Teaching Game’ and a ‘Review’ and there is of course a large amount of overlap.

If I have misunderstood then my ‘good idea’ is serendipitous or if you have misunderstood then I guess I’m not entitled to the compliment. Either way, a ‘Reviewed Games Collection’ also sorted by student level would be a plus.


actually, teaching games and/or good reviews are both good to learn.
But i would prefer a “real” collection in a good and comfortable database, not a forum thread. This may get out of hand here pretty fast.


well i probably did misunderstand. the main objective in both cases is the game dicussion though (and through this thread, to make the discussion availible to more people) right? the main difference seems to be, when the discussion takes place. especially online i tend to create reviews after teaching games, even when there was ample dicussion in the game chat, simply because the format is much cleaner and there is less confusion about the timing of comments.

i guess in my mind a teaching game and a review are just tighly linked to the point where i didnt consider distinguishing between the two. sorry if you feel i hijacked the thread.


This is a very good but very complicated wish. Simply, who is going to read this, am I right? If we want people to read our collection of reviews, teaching games, malkovich games, then we need to have very limited number of best of the best.

And here we have two main problems: how are we going to decide what’s best, and how are we going to find materials in the first place. I don’t know.

At this point the best we can do is sift through histories of strong players involved in community like mark5000, I feel like.


The idea that each teacher could select and propose his best remains interesting, because it takes quite some time to go through each game.
Maybe this can go even better if each of them could highlight the most important in each of these games?