Teaching Games & Reviews request 20k +

After discovering “Go” in a shop whilst looking for a chess set to for my son, I proceeded to buy a Go set, a book called “Teach Yourself Go”, by Charles Mathews and then proceeded to teach myself, family and friends how to play. Over the years thier interest gradually waned and died, games became more and more infrequent and eventually fizzled out altogether. My love of the game lay dormant untill I discovered that there was a whole world of people on the internet with the same love of the game.
Unfortunately my love of the game and my ability are grossly mismatched, I thought I was about 16 - 18 kyu and set my level at a conservative 20kyu when I joined this group. Watching my level sink lower and lower, presently 22kyu, I quickly came to the realisation that I may have over estimated my ability and knowledge of the game.

So here I stand before you and beg the question:-

Can someone spend the time to teach and review a few correspondance games for me?


Teaching correspondence challenge sent. Feel free to cancel and challenge back with different settings as you please.

But of course!

I leave it to you. Either send me a corr challenge or add me as a friend and we can get some live games in when you see me online (which I actually like more for teaching games at lower levels - things can move forward much quicker…)

If it is a review you would like just share the link to the desired game here at the forums, there is usually a quick response :slight_smile: It is my believe that the best reviews come from serious games you thought about (not blitz), not handicapped and that you have lost. But of course any game is fine :slight_smile:

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Thank you Kosh, I will try the settings you have set.

Thank you Adam, I have added you as a friend asyou suggested and I look forward to a teaching game with you.

lol :joy: … loving this! lets change it then :wink:.

feel free to add me to your friends list as well. ill be glad to play you!

Thank you for offering, Kickaha :slight_smile: Added!

I got a bit going on IRL rn but add me as a friend and I might be up for a game in a week or two

BHydden, I have added you as a friend and look forward to a teaching game when you have more time.

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I’m only a little bit ahead of you so it might be a bit more casual than some of your other volunteers :wink:

Every little bit helps :slight_smile:

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