Teaching My Girlfriend GO

https://online-go.com/game/16704807 Hi Im not super great at Go myself been playing on and off for a while. This is a game i played with my girlfriend after teaching her the game about a week prior and playing 9x9 with her. This is her first 13x13 game. This game has a 5 Handicap start and im playing white. i did a slight review showing her where she lost at two points but any other advice for eaither of us is appreciated thanks!

The game is marked as private, so we can’t look at it :slight_smile:

Just a friendly reminder: If you love your girlfriend, don’t push your luck with the Go playing. After you’ve exposed her to the game and played a few games with her, I’d suggest to just do your own thing and wait until she asks you to play another game with her. Many people will appease their partners even though they don’t enjoy the game, and it takes a special kind of person to enjoy the actual game. It’s even more difficult to enjoy when you’re much worse at the game and you keep losing. o/


Let her win sometimes, but make her work for it.

I agree with @smurph and @Skurj. Not everyone can pick up go, and not everyone who picks up go can stick with it consistently. If you can act as a primer, let her explore and ask questions for herself, it’d be much better than overloading her with information whenever you play with her. However, that is not to say a tip here or there is bad :wink: