Teaching tools

Since the pandemic I started to teach online to several people, mainly I used OGS to build teaching boards, since it was a group of new players, I didn’t need more than a board to teach.

But the more time I spent teaching the more I saw that OGS, as well as other platforms, are not focused on teaching, even when they have the “tools” to do the analysis I feel that these tools could be improved to make it more comfortable for those who teach.

One of my main problems is (at least in OGS) the variant tree, when I set up the problems on the board and I want to move to the next one it is difficult to distinguish it from the variants and answer of the previous problem.

Sometimes to make the classes more interactive I use kahoot to put options on the board and the students give one of those options but it is still limiting, it would be nice to have something similar in OGS.

It would be great if OGS or some other platform also has the approach to teach with more tools that can help those who teach to make the study sessions more interactive… or maybe it already exists and I have not been able to find it :sweat_smile:.


I think there is one thing on OGS that makes this much harder on OGS than on other SGF editors. On OGS, every added stone adds a node to the tree. So if you want to set-up a probem with 17 stones in it, that creates a long branch with 17 nodes, and it becomes hard to find this problem in the tree.

In most other editors, there is a distinction between “adding stones” and “adding moves”, and if you add several stones in a row it only creates one new node. This makes it much easier to navigate the tree afterwards.

So, one solution for you would be to create the tree using another SGF editor, for instance CGoban. This will allow you to create a more streamlined tree that is easier to navigate. Then upload the SGF to OGS for your lesson.