Teamspeak channel for the website

You can have allot of people talking to eachother without haveing to type and its free>

I think you suggest offering teamspeak as additional service on OGS.
While you’re free to do that yourself, it’s inpractical for the site’s owners.
Teamspeak isn’t free, you might get a free license for up to 10 connections or something though.

You could use something like mumble though, which is free and open source (also the server). You would still need to pay for server hosting though.

Voice communication would be really great. Installing something wouldn’t be.
People are free to use anything they like but forcing people to install stuff wouldn’t make any sense for a server that works in a browser.

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Yes. If there were to be some form of official voice chat for OGS, implementing it directly on the site with webRTC would be the way to go.

We plan to implement such a feature directly into the site. :smile: