Test if move is valid before sending game/move message

Does anyone know if there is an API call to test if a potential move is valid? For the purpose of my application, I’d rather know before I send a game/move message whether it will be accepted or not without having to write my own algorithm for analyzing the current board state.

I guess an alternative would be to do a game/connect message again after and see if it’s still the same players turn. This just seems inefficient though.

But why? Just send the move and handle error conditions returned if it was an invalid move. You’re effectively just asking to double the number of requests you’re sending to OGS, when a single request will work the same way.

No error messages are coming through for invalid moves. It seems like bad moves are just silently ignored

Hm, it’s been a long while since I worked with the API, but I definitely remember it noting move failures… I’ll have to poke again.