Testing the Volatility: Summary

I think one big issue here, is that you’re asking for quite a lot of work to just convince you of… something.

Help me understand and check that this repository is correctly implementing glicko2 and also that this is the current code being used on the site.

I think you could get a reasonably easy yes or no on the second one to an extent from someone like @flovo or something when he’s around.

The first one is a big ask though I feel.

I know you’ve written a lot here, but and I think you’ve already said this, that it’s not clear why the system isn’t working as expected. Is it just that players ratings go up and down based on whether they’ve won or lost games that’s the issue?

Maybe you should read back through the ratings updates posts from anoek. They don’t paint a picture of something that was just randomly implemented without lots of testing. Just because all of that testing process wasn’t catalogued on display in a public forum, in an easily digestible manner, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or wasn’t done. I could be wrong also, but again I would start reading the previous updates 2021 back to 2014 to get a feeling for it if you want: