Tesuji Dictionary Attachment Problem 69

Picture 1: This is the problem. (source: Tesuji Dictionary by Segoe & Go, attachment problem 69)

Picture 2: This is the solution, which covers the variations for white A, C, D, but not B, E, F, G.

2021103 Tesuji Dictionary Attachment Problem 69-1
Picture 3: Can you help me to figure out what the variations for B, E, F, G should be?
Also, do you think the answer for D (second diagram in picture 2) is reasonable and complete?

Thanks in advance.

In pic 2 it’s a bit short for low rated players. (Especially concerning the L&D of white group)

What I see is if white is cut, then white’s 5-stone group has to play one more move to make a life.

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I checked a bit answer B by white, which was not obvious to me.

If black resist underneath, It’s a failure, he will finish being captured.

If black try to surround from outside like this It’s not getting well either.

Finally black is left with this move which produce a similar result as in the book.

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