Thanks OGS


Hi OGS developers, coders, and all you other hard working people keeping OGS going (@matburt, @anoek @trohde , @crodgers, and others - sorry for not finding your name). The server has seen some rough times recently, and I bet there are quite a bit of people who’ve had their games ended or lost. Tough times. I want to take this moment and just say thank you. OGS deserve all the kudos and praise for keeping the best Go server on the internet going. Thanks for all of the consistent effort and hard work that we don’t even know is happening behind the scenes. Thank you for keeping the site modern, clean, professional, and always improving it. OGS is one of a kind and I wish you guys & gals an awesome 2017. If you are an OGS user, take a moment to say something nice below. These guys deserve it. Happy Go-ing,



Rediscovering go (after a fling with it 50 years ago, when it was hard to find any players), and especially learning about and joining OGS, has been an exhilaratingly wonderful turn of events that promises to significantly brighten my declining years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Folks, this is …




I don’t know how many times I already said “thank you” to OGS and all those who work hard to keep it going… but every time is one less than deserved.

So, thank you.


I will gladly add myself to the list of thankers :grin:

Thank you ogs team for making this great site possible! But also thanks to all the friendly creatures who dwell in this forum and make it a nice place to be!


This is a legit thread.

This is the only place I play go online. I’ve been extraordinarily happy here and I don’t even consider going other places. I know the mods catch a lot of flak and the developers are often bothered with things. I can’t imagine it’s easy. But there are a lot of very happy players too. I’m one.

So thanks!



You folks rock. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this. :heart:


This community is so much nicer than teenagers’ DOTA and LoL community. One day downtime could probably lead to the forums being flooded by rage and frustration above all else. Who would’ve known that we’d find a lot of appreciation and tolerance here?

It takes something special to play Go. Namely, discipline and patience. It’s reflected very well in the community :slight_smile:


Maybe thats because 5 player (per color) rengo has yet to be implemented :wink:.

jk. i am sure even that would go well here :blush:.


I :heart: ◒GS!!

PS: Hell yeah, I want to revive this topic full of love and good vibes.


Love this!

I appreciate so much how has developed over the recent years! It’s not only a platform to play go. It is a platform to communicate, make friends and share a hobby we all have

All the kudos to the OGS team, for their commitment to this project! It is an awsome website and I keep coming back :slight_smile:


Yeah, and it seems to attract a whole lot of extremely nice people :slight_smile:


Sorry to dig up this old post, but this old post just had to be dug up, it HAD to. OGS is an amazing place to play go, and it deserves all the thanks that it gets. The community here is wonderful, easily the best community I have been a part in. The developers are amazing for working so hard and so tirelessly, and being a part of this great community too. Thank you developers, thank you community, and thank you go for probably changing my life forever. And with that I proudly add my name to the list of people to thank OGS :slight_smile:


Ditto ^



OGS is quickly becoming my favorite Go server. I’m on a bunch of them, but OGS is a one stop shop for multiple game types (live and correspondence), multiple board sizes, forum, and tournaments. Love the tournaments.

Looks great too. Thank you devs.


I feel really honored by being part of the team. My eternal gratitude towards @anoek and @matburt for working hard on this project, towards the great community that we have, and towards the whole team, a really great team to work with. :heart:


Easily my favorite go server, it’s so well done. I have a ton of gratitude for OGS developers.


I love OGS so much that it is my homepage :smile:


I used to check FB when I wake up… Now I check OGS first to see if I have to respond to a move :grin:

Other go servers didn’t have the same draw for me as OGS.

Awsome! Thanks guys!