The 11th Virginia Open welcomes players from all countries

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The 2022 VA Open features a larger prize pool than ever before with awards and certificates for six divisions (Open Elite, Open, Expert, Proficient, Intermediate and Novice) as well as for top youth and female players. The past three VA Opens have drawn over 200 participants. The tournament will take place on OGS and feature six rounds spread out over four days

  1. First round is on 4/16, though we have found strong players (Yixian Michael Zhou and Edward Zhang) to compete with the very strong Thai players on Friday 4/15 as a featured “tournament premier”.

  2. Last round on Sunday 4/24 is in the morning, so no conflict with the afternoon City League.

  3. We welcome and appreciate our Thai friends! We also call on more North American strong players to compete. Especially 7d, 8d and 9d’s. We wish the Thai 8d’s don’t win 1st-place and large cash prize “too easily”


No thanks, too late for me.
Have a great tournament!

I second that.
7:30 PM eastern time for round 3, is way past midnight for most EU timezones. :confused:
Is there any chance this could be re-considered for future international Opens (it is probably a bit too late to make such a big change for this one)

Then again, I am not getting past round 1, so I might consider playing :smiley:

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Hard to find a time.that is convenient for US, Europe and Asia. And even then, Aussies might complain.


This is true, but maybe a variable could be introduced. E.g. each round could have two time choices one in the morning, one in the evening local time, which would mean that for all other timezones there would be at least one time choice that is in a “not-after-midnight” zone :slight_smile:

This is a good idea. Thanks!