The AI Sensei website has more value for the money

OGS offers reviews of the games, but they do not allow you to create records of where you made mistakes so that you can quiz yourself and review the mistakes and then make the right move.

The paid level of both is about $5.00 USD per month. But you dont just get told where your moves were poor: you are provided a means to turn those poor moves into flashcards that get reviewed on a regular basis.

Yeah thats true, AI sensei has better tools for analysing games, but here its possible to play a game with somebody and have it instantly analysed.

If you have decent hardware, you could also install some strong AI like katrain for free and analyse games locally on your own pc.

edit: not-so-decent pc works too just as well by just letting it run longer for each move


I also highly recommend ZBaduk. :slight_smile:

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OGS support is not solely for the AI review gain; that’s just a perk that was added later on. AI sensei is made and run with the purpose of marketing AI services. It’s not the best comparison.