The B2 Bomber ^^

A goofy article about advanced strategy :grin:. It made me laugh hard when i first stumbled upon it some time ago.
Fear the B2 Bomber! :scream::scream::scream:

Other fun go stuff?


Yeah, sure, just search SL for “humor” and “parody” (lots of parodies of book covers there, e.g. “Getting Strong at Gote”)

Thank you, but i already browsed through most of the sensei’s stuff :slight_smile:. I was looking for something else, maybe along the lines of this: how to pull off the "go look"

(P.S.: sorry for posting the link instead of the image. i wasnt sure if it is ok for me to use it.)

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Oh, I can’t see a reason not to post it here :slight_smile:

This was on gogameguru :astonished:


for Leira