The best way to learn is being a beginner

Hi! I’ve been playing go for some weeks and found it exciting. I know you beginners are trying to learn as I do, and I know you have done it in such different ways. The idea here is to play among us . Although we are beginners we can learn from each other and share our discoveries through this beautiful game, no pressure at all, The way to do so? Playing correspondence games beteeen us, chatting and make the forum grow.


I totally agree, the absolutely best way to learn is to play with other people who are close to your level, make mistakes, have conversations with the game with your opponents and learn from those mistakes. I personally think that no other way of practice is as efficient than the actual game itself. ^^

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Perhaps you could actually refine a strong learning process to

  1. Learn thing (eg. one opening or joseki)
  2. Play it against an equal opponent
  3. Review the game and see how it went, if someone made a mistake and why
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I agree, its an integral thing. I mean, just participating in the forum feels we are already learning. I’ve played against better ranked players, some of them very generous and polite, the result: I learn. I think the beginner stage is really beautiful, everything is just absorbed as knowledge and I just want to share this joy with other beginners. Thanks for participate :slight_smile:

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I think in any game, having a good, experienced player spoon-feed you information and tactics early on speeds up the learning process tremendously.


Let’s have a correspondence 9x9 game between us, see what we can learn , and put the main achievements in the forum, would you agree?