The BGA Archive

Did you know that the British Go Association has an offline archive (“mostly”) in Shropshire?

If you email them for a certain resource then they might send you a photocopy.

There are fifteen boxes, named alphabetically from A to P (without O).

Content Summary

  • Box A: ~30 press cuttings 1968–97, BGA price lists 1973–78, photocopies of Purchas his Pilgrimage (cover and Go content), book reviews, grading committee papers, Cambridge Go Society materials, 36th European Go Congress business plan, handouts, BGA minutes 1968–86

  • Box B: American Go Journal 1940–60, various booklets, Baduk 1997-8, Igo 1954, '63, assorted books

  • Box C: Ranka yearbook 1985–97, Go World 1977-8, '80–85

  • Box D: many books having belonged to BGA founder John Barrs

  • Box E: various papers, Reading Club newsletter 1975-9, Go Digest (New York club newsletter), 1972

  • Box F: Go Review 1961–71

  • Box G: BGA finances 1965–79

  • Box H: American Go Newsletter 1990–98, _Voice of American Go Movement _ 1976, American Go Journal 1974–97, Canada Go Gazette 1985–91

  • Box I: Belgo (Belgian federation magazine) 1986 (?), 1992–96, Computer Go 1986–87, Zurnal Go 1991, Spilt Melk 1978, Go Magazin 1977-8 (Austrian federation magazine), Russian 1990, Seki 1971-2, Revue Francaise de Go 1980–82, New Zealand Go Journal and Quarterly 1984-8, Kiwi Go 1990–93, SAGA 1994, South African Go Journal 1994-6, Stone Age (Italian federation magazine) 1991-4, Irish Go Association newsletter 1990, '93–5

  • Box J: Dutch Go Journal 1969–96

  • Box K: Deutsche Go Zeitung 1968–96, Go Mitteilungen 1975–90

  • Box L: old British Go Journal editions

  • Box M: Go Vjesnik 1968, '70, '72, Go Weekly 1978, '87, '89, '91, Go Tutor 1978-81, BGA newsletter 1982–2000

  • Box N: Korean Go Monthly 1997-8, London Go newsletter 1975-8

  • Box P: fliers and newspaper cuttings 1971–98


Would have expected that they skipped the letter I (like on the go board).


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The Cambridge go club has many boxes of books and magazines gathering dust in a member’s garage. I’ve “permanently borrowed” a few of the English books, but there’s loads of Asian material that we are reluctant to throw away but is not doing much use sitting in a box unseen for decades. Charles Matthews also has quite an extensive go library he was trying to get rid of with lots of Korean books and magazines so if anyone could make good use of them contact him (I took a few but didn’t read them and they’re now gathering dust in my loft).