The brand new Tsumego, [Trouble Master] by In-seong Hwang 8dan

Hello Go players!
It’s In-seong Hwang 8 dan in Europe.

I recently published my first book, [Trouble Master]!
This is the new type of Tsumego, Tesuji, and Endgame problem!

Let me drop the front page of the book here.
How many troubles(aji in Japanese term) can you find it?

I’ll track the replies!


And some more info in

I feel like I’d be cheating (or forgetting) since I have the book :slight_smile:


I’ll bite. I spotted 4, though in one of them I can’t read the best attack, it’s just obvious there is at least very good endgame for one side. The other 3 I think I can read.

Edit: there’s a fifth one where I smell something, but can’t read it.

Edit2: Another one found. So 6 of which I (believe I) can read 4.

Probably the correct solution is 2 and none of those that I found! :smiley:

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i found:


Spoiler alert: the Amazon product page shows the back cover, which seems to give away the answer


Counted 7.


Rather than repeat myself, I’ll just link to my own review:

@yebellz Right, Amazon provides the cheat sheet :slight_smile: You’ll still need to figure out for each whether it’s straight death, ko, or just yose points. I like that there are different levels of difficulty and usually you’re not left empty-handed, even if you haven’t figured out them all. That’s especially nice when you do it as a group exercise with kids of different strengths.


It is past midnight, but I foudn these:


I dislike tsumego a lot, but this is a format that I like. It seems more like actual boards where we have to think, rather than artificial problems.
I think I am going to order this! Great job :slight_smile: Making whole board problems and filling a book with them is quite the feat.

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