The censorship filter in game chat

I think there’s something odd with the censorship filter. I have opponents reporting that there are words censored when they write them, but they all appear just fine to me.

Another thing is, it’s silly to censor: for example, the word “cum” means “how” in Romanian, so it is a very common word.

From my perspective, just remove that thing and encourage people to report bad language, if they find it offensive. Keeping the filter just makes the site be even more English-centric then it should be.


I’ve seen a toggle for “Profanity filter” in Settings > Site Preferences. I don’t know how it works or whether it works at all, though. In what little chat I have diring my games I haven’t yet seen any profanities here, intentional or otherwise. :slight_smile:


The profanity filter is an option in settings. The default is to have it on because we have a lot of users who are children here. Please feel free to let your friends know they can turn it off in settings. Thank you!


FTR we do have a (somewhat long standing) item on the TODO list to only apply profanity filters for your selected language as we’ve had similar issues in the past. So while we will keep the filter on by default, in the future if you have Romanian selected as your language the English filters will not be applied by default, so this should be much less of an issue.


Also, remove “big black” from profanity list, killing “$*!% dragons” sounds too impolite


That’s another issue with profanity filters. Censoring minor profanities or innocent words often gives the appearance of censoring something much worse. :slight_smile:

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