The Conquest of Go - A Videogame featuring Go Gameplay

The latest version of The Conquest of Go adds a new “toon” board theme, as well as improvements to reviews, board markup, and an upgrade to the latest version of KataGo.

Also, the game was updated to not display rengo the matches and challenges that were added a couple days ago to OGS, as the features are not currently in place to fully support rengo matches. Support for rengo within The Conquest of Go will be evaluated in the future as rengo becomes more mature and finalized on OGS.

Full Change Log:

New Theme Demonstration:


If this gets done Go players on OGS and Conquest be like


Just wanted to let you know @wolfeystudios that I purchased two copies of this game for Christmas this year. Haven’t had a chance to sit down with it just yet, but really looking forward to it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Thank you for being an accessible developer and involving all of us in the discussion of your great work. You are awesome :wink:


Haha. It looks like there’s been solid progress on it so far.

My pleasure. I appreciate the support and I hope you enjoy the game once you get a chance to try it out!


The Conquest of Go is on sale for 20% right now for the Steam Lunar New Year sale taking place from January 27th through February 3rd. Since my last post, version 0.19.0 came out which added Steam Community Items (trading cards, profile backgrounds, badges, emoticons), as well as controller profiles to enable playing the game without a keyboard and mouse.


The Conquest of Go is 20% off for the week 5/9-5/16.

Two new versions have been published since my last post here. The main new features are listed below.

  • Version 0.21.0
    • The campaign mode will now feature a curated set of match records from notable players in Go’s history, ranging from the 1600’s to present day. The match records primarily feature important events in the player’s careers such as international tournament wins.
    • The win rate and score graphs have been greatly improved, including output of the graph’s current value, hover to show value, and click to navigate through moves in the match.
    • There are several resource related changes, such as making resources only reach a maximum value.
    • Full Version 0.21.0 Release Notes
  • Version 0.20.0
    • Campaign ally matches allow the player to have an AI teammate to alternate turns with during a match.
    • Steam Workshop integration (ability to upload/share/download custom content to be used in game such as tsumego collections, pro matches, tutorials) was improved with new features such as completion tracking, and paging when loading large lists of workshop content such as puzzle packs with thousands of puzzles.
    • Players can now test their own moves while solving puzzles which may not be a part of the branching moves specified in the puzzle’s solution.
    • The Online Menu and online features can now be used directly within the Go board scene instead of having to back out to the main menu.
    • Full Version 0.20.0 Release Notes

Version 0.22.0 of The Conquest of Go was recently released. The main features are listed below. The game is also currently 20% off for the Steam Summer Sale, which ends on 7/7.

Version 0.22.0

  • Added an official Steam Deck controller configuration and improved general controller support.
  • Added Spanish localization.
  • Added some new quality of life improvements such as tracking which features are enabled and disabled by the user, and reproducing their state when returning in the future.
  • Full Version 0.22.0 Release Notes

Here’s a quick look at some of the types of input on the Steam Deck.


And again now until 2022-07-25T17:00:00Z :slightly_smiling_face:


I am working on a macOS version of The Conquest of Go and am in need of a few additional testers. If anyone with a mac is interested in helping test and has time to test this week, please send me a private message with the specs of your mac (macOS version, CPU/chip type (Intel, Silicon), 64 bit or 32 bit, GPU, memory, etc.) and if its not covered already by someone else, I’ll send you a free copy of the game to keep and a code to sign up for the macOS beta. I will provide a testing guide with steps to walk through the core functionality that should take around an hour or less to complete. Thanks!


You may want to come back to this thread, @trohde :slight_smile:


Thanks for thinking of me, @Phelan :blush: :pray:

The macOS version of The Conquest of Go is now publicly available on Steam. All versions are included in the one-time purchase of the game, so any existing customers will be able to play it on their macOS systems immediately. Save files are also synchronized between platforms through Steam Cloud for those that plan to use Windows and macOS. More details in the full release notes below.


Awesome news! I bought the game a while ago just to support the project, but couldn’t play because I’m on macOS. I’m looking forward to playing it now :heart:


The latest release of The Conquest of Go adds a new AI for beginner and novice players which plays weaker than GNU Go. The Casual AI comes with levels 1-10 like the other AIs and a new difficulty level preset of “Casual” has been added to the campaign and quick play to use this AI. Additionally, improvements were made to the UI to improve text legibility on small screens such as the Steam Deck. The full change log can be found below.


The Conquest of Go is currently 20% off for the Steam Winter Sale which will end on January 5th. Version 25 was published recently which added the ability to resume play against the AI from any point while reviewing a match. This includes matches and legendary records within the campaign mode, saved matches (quick play, online, or imported SGFs), as well records which can be found within the Steam Workshop. Additionally, new music has been added into each scene within the game and new themes will now play in the campaign when matches are won or lost.
The full change log can be found below.


The Conquest of Go is currently 20% off for the Steam Spring Sale which will end on March 23rd. Version 26 was published recently which added configurable UI scaling to improve legibility on small screen devices such as the Steam Deck. The game now has the official green check mark for the Steam Deck Verified status from Valve. Additionally, this update improves analysis to be more responsive and give more feedback on moves that were played when reviewing matches. Various quality of life improvements were also implemented, such as the ability to change match settings directly after a quick play match, resume play against the AI from the practice board and opening explorer, accessing the tutorial directly from the campaign map screen, and many others. For a full list of all changes in this version please view the full release notes below.

Here’s how it now looks on the Steam Deck:


Seems like there are no Atari animations in Online Play. Is that a bug or is that to not add gameplay hints for CoG users?

Also a little feature request: Could you add a dark theme to the general “fortress”-style themes? I like the animations but the colors are a little loud.

Some of the features such as the atari animation are hidden by design during online play in order to keep things fair for players who are on the main site or other 3rd party clients. I’ll give the dark themes some thought. Thanks for the suggestion.


The Conquest of Go is on sale for 20% off for the Steam Strategy Fest (8/28-9/04). Additionally, version 0.27.0 was released last week which focuses on online play improvements. The main changes were adding an easy way to swap between active online games/turns, ability to hide ranks, and reworking how the game connects and communicates with OGS behinds the scenes. The full change log can be found below.


The Conquest of Go is currently 20% off for the Steam Spring Sale which will end on March 21st. Version 28 was published this week which added the ability to play online matches within the campaign mode and improved the match review system in several ways. Online matches take place here on OGS, which also includes the ability to play against the dozens of AI that are run by the OGS community. On the match review side, going from playing a match to review is much more seamless and new settings were implemented to allow automated AI reviews to be more customizable with thresholds for points loss per move and total move recommendations for review.

The new features and changes that come with this update are quite extensive, so feel free to look at the full release notes below for detail about all of the changes.

Here’s a preview of the online campaign matches: